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FACT: Staging is an INVESTMENT in getting a house sold and the investment in Staging will always be less than a price reduction on the property. I and my team have been trained to work with the Seller’s budget and timeframe to properly Stage a house. Not over-done or looking like no one lives there but rather working with the homeowner and their furnishings, bringing in inventory, if necessary, all in an effort to neutralize, update and enhance that welcoming feeling the prospective buyers will have when they walk in, immediately feel comfortable and envision themselves and their family living in that space.

What we should be asking, instead, is, “Can we afford NOT to Stage?”

As I pointed out in Myth #2, Staging in a HOT market helps your property outcompete the others. It’s also the case in a down or sluggish market as Staging sets your property apart and gets it sold while the others languish.

Can you afford NOT to Stage?

As with most things, the devil is in the details. The product on the market that sells is the one where all the details have been addressed and it’s the one that presents the best, both inside and out. It is the one that visually tells the story that the property has been lovingly cared for – the stairs are in good working order; the banister doesn’t wobble; no signs of water damage; updated paint where necessary and a neat and tidy yard. Should you choose to leave these items for the next owner, you also make them wonder what else might be wrong that they cannot see which gives them reason to low-ball the offer.

In most markets, the Staging report (which details and prioritizes items to be paid attention to before placing the property on the market) is less than the appraisal or home inspection.

That’s right – a Staging report is typically less than an appraisal or home inspection AND it provides actionable items that lead to the sale of a property. The appraisal and home inspection does not do this. Statistics speak loudly: 95% of all ASP Staged properties sell in 11 or fewer days and for 17% or more!

Can you afford NOT to Stage?

Today’s homebuyer is willing to reach deeper into their pockets and move in more quickly for the property that needs no work vs. the one that is tired or in need of maintenance.

You can’t afford NOT to Stage!